The Yearling

With November, 2012 officially on the books, The Milkcrate now marks one year of existence. In what began as a humble experiment revolving around the attempted documenting of our sport’s practitioners, this magazine has grown to a sizable collection of nearly one hundred interviews, stories, and discussions. We have met a tremendous amount of friends, some new and some rediscovered, and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every interaction. We set out with a goal of defining the kayak angling lifestyle, and, while we have steadily nibbled away at the task, the mission is far from complete. It seems as though said goal is, at times, unattainable; our sport is both diverse and ever-expanding, and to place its essence into a neat and tidy definition, is, well, a misaligned agenda. So, with that, we plan to continue along our path of open-ended discovery, and welcome you along for the ride.

To help us usher in our second year, we invited to our table three well known and respected kayakers. You will notice the lack of piscatorial modifier, and for that there is good reason. We’ll soon explain. First, however, it was our great pleasure to sit down with the man most associated with the popular perception of our sport, Mr. Jim Sammons. Television host and guide, Jim has long walked the leading edge of kayak angling, and has done much to raise the public awareness of our lifestyle. The recent Kayak Angler Choice Awards bestowed to Dee Kaminski the title of Guide of the Year. Dee took time away from her busy schedule of guiding of clients, and talked with us about her life and views of the sport.  Now, onto the aforementioned generalist term of “kayakers.” Nicholas Cryder is both angler and kayak enthusiast, but within his world, the twain seldom meet. Nicholas, is, however, the man responsible for one of the most revolutionary and genre-bending sit on top boats in existence. Part art, part science, and part undeniable practicality, Mr. Cryder’s creation is sure to inspire and challenge the future watercraft of kayak angling.

To our readers, we offer our unparalled appreciation and thanks. It because of you that we have come this far in our journey. Here’s to another year of friendship and discovery. Cheers.

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