Malibu Kayak Pro Staff

In this issue of The Milkcrate, we converse with members of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, an organization dedicated to promoting both the sport and the brand. As with all promotional teams, the Malibu staff competes in tournaments, engages the public through demo days and events, and makes its media presence known through online and print publications. Perhaps in a nod to coordinator/de facto leader Tony Hart’s original vision, the Malibu Kayak Pro Staff is also known for possessing a genuine care for the sport and those who benefit from engaging in it. To shine a light onto the altruistic reputation of the team, we sat down with Tony, and discussed the unique and indicative characteristics of his flock of kayak anglers.

“When I was asked to take over the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, I had an idea of the type of people that I wanted in order to make this Pro Staff the best there is.  By being the best there is, I don’t necessarily mean that they win every tournament that there is to win, but they be the best in all aspects of kayak fishing.  I wanted people who were passionate for both the sport of kayak fishing and Malibu Kayaks, open to sharing their passions and helping out those who have been kayak fishing, but also to those who were considering getting into the sport.  I thought it important that we have well-rounded people on our staff.  I didn’t want any divas or those who were ego driven.  Rather, I felt it important to have guys & gals who were like minded fun-loving kayak anglers.

Most of our members are also involved in the community in varying capacities, and support important charities, such as Heroes on the Water.  Some of our guys are even founding members of their local chapters of HOW.  Our guys feel it important to give back to those who’ve given so much so that we can enjoy the simple things like kayak fishing.

Our Pro Staff are everyday kind of people who enjoy Malibu Kayaks, and sharing the love of our sport.”

The above mentioned enjoyment is another attribute openly displayed by the team, and, one that eschews any semblance of obligation or duty.  When interacting with team members, one receives genuine conviction that Malibu Kayaks are indeed their vessels of choice.  We turned our conversation with Tony toward the brand-team interaction.

“The brand of Malibu Kayaks simply translates into enjoying the outdoors and creating experiences with friends and family.  The Pro Staff exemplifies these ideals.  Many of us with families were sold on the Malibu line of kayaks with the “Gator Hatch”.  The Gator Hatch is a molded cover over the front of the kayak with a molded seat, perfect for taking your son or daughter out on the water with you!  The Pro Staff and Malibu Kayaks are not just a team, but rather a family that supports each other.”

To further explore the team and brand at hand, we sought out conversations with accomplished team members Charlie Ganoe, Bill Howard, and Paul Shipman.  Passionate kayak anglers them all, each of these men personifies the bettering of the sport without regard to brand or affiliation.  Join us as we discuss the ways in which the sport and its associated lifestyle have affected their lives on and off the water.

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