Talking Story

Story telling is an ancient art.  The forefathers of today’s modern kayak angler, The Inuit, used to gather in a qagip, a giant snow house, to tell story and pass the time.  Today, we have movies, magazines, books, and the online world of community forums, e-zines, and newsletters.  As the sport of kayak angling grows, so too does the number of people talking story about it.  In our inaugural issue, we interviewed the seminal story teller of our sport, Paul Lebowitz.  In this issue, we explore some of his fellow cast of characters.

As bards of the sport, these artists have a unique position that provide a view into the latest trends in kayak angling.  They have travelled the world interviewing the characters that define the kayak angler lifestyle.  They have immersed themselves into kayak angling in order to share with the world the inner workings of a paddle/fish culture.  Whether putting pen to paper or images to film, these story tellers gather us in their qagip and pass to us their documentation of these experiences.

Being the New Year, we could not pass up the opportunity to ask them all what their predictions were for the coming year.  Yes, they all touched upon the continued growth of the sport.  But other themes of note include freshwater kayak fishing and electric kayaks.

” … Obviously, paddle and peddle and even motorized boats are all the rage.  Freshwater fishermen are the next frontier.”  – Ric Burnley

” … it’s obvious interest in the sport is still growing among a wide range of consumers. Kayak angling provides entry level access to the water for newcomers, and an exit strategy for boat anglers wishing to downsize.” — Jerry McBride

“Electric kayaks will continue to gain popularity because they’re incredibly effective fishing tools. We’re going to see more products that make the sport easier – both accessories and some very interesting vessels.”  – Jon Shein

“I think the greatest potential for kayak fishing is in the freshwater world, and in 2012, kayak fishing will see heavier growth in this segment of the fishing industry than it has to date.” — Ken Whiting

Having told the stories that mark the past achievements of our sport, Ric, Jerry, Jon, and Ken are now seers of the bright future that is upon us.  Will their prophecies ring true?  Whether they do or not, rest assured they will be there to capture the highlights of 2012.  In the meantime gather around in our qagip and let us tell you their stories.

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