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Kevin Whitley


Known amongst internet denizens as Kayak Kevin, Mr. Whitley is an adventurer, a filmmaker, and true inspiration. Combining a love of kayak touring and angling, Kevin has logged thousands of miles in search of amazing catches. Though the recently crowned Angler of the Year has behind him a slough of successful DVD and multimedia productions, [...]

Dee Kaminski


Recently crowned by her peers as Guide of the Year, Dee Kaminski is the woman behind Florida’s Reel Kayak Fishing Charters.  A life-long angler, Dee is widely regarded as one of the sport’s more dedicated ambassadors, and is well known for her dedication and drive.  With a thoughtful mind aimed at preserving the ecologically-based aspects [...]

Jim Sammons


Arguably the man most synonymous with the sport of kayak angling, California based Jim Sammons is a guide, television host, and filmmaker known for his globe-spanning adventures in search of the perfect catch. Possessing an innate, almost magnetic attraction to the ancestral sea, Jim has long been drawn to the notions of human powered angling. [...]

Rob Choi


  For a proper introduction, we turned to Rob’s friend and angling peer, Mr. Chuck Wrenn: “Dedicated, focused, determined, motivated…these are just a few of the superlatives that come to mind when someone mentions the words ‘kayak fishing’ in the same sentence with the name Rob Choi, aka ‘Angling Addict.’  Rob is someone I consider [...]

Chuck Wrenn

First Redfish

Chuck Wrenn is a champion angler and frequent volunteer for both the Central VA and Tidewater Chapters of Heroes On the Water. A man truly passionate about the organization, Chuck has been known to use personal vacation days as a means with which to attend the HOW events. A veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Chuck [...]

Paul Shipman


Coming to us by way of Livonia, New York, Dr. Paul Alan Shipman is an angler known for his artful writing and infectious passion for freshwater kayak fishing.  Paul is a long-time member of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, and has shared his positive approach to the sport through numerous workshops and seminars.  An Army [...]

Kayak Fishing Radio


Created to share one man’s love of both the sport and angling-related stories, Kayak Fishing Radio is an entity born of passion. As with any project bearing a personal etiology, an outside description thereof can feel incomplete and glossy. Though Chip Gibson’s initial vision has grown to vast realization, complete with multiple broadcasts and a [...]

Stephen Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a Calgary, Alberta-based angler and member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.  Through his roles as guide, instructor, and writer, Stephen shares his tremendous passion for the sport and the importance of sustainable fishing.  When not educating and recruiting new kayak anglers, Stephen can be found exploring the many lakes and rivers [...]

Lawrence “Lozz” Taylor

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  ” If you polled UK kayak anglers asking folk to associate a name with both kayak angling and big fish, there’s little doubt that Lozz would top that poll.  Whether it be bagging over-sized Tope or Cod, or taming a giant Skate, Lozz has pretty much been there and done it when it comes [...]

Ben Williams

fish pics 230 1

As one of the most in-demand kayak angling artists, Ben Williams has made a name for himself by producing stunning and ethereal watercolors. With a batik influence and eye for the colors and emotions of the sport, this life long fisherman has sold over a hundred works to his local club mates alone. Ben is [...]

Ian Harris


Ian “Dizzyfish” Harris is a UK-based angler, pioneer, and ambassador known for his generous and positive contributions to the sport.  The man behind the well read website, Leave No Trace, Ian offers to his viewers a wealth of information, including trip reports, videos, and fascinating images of the sea floor made available through his innovative [...]

Tommy Samuels


  Boat builder, tournament angler, and kayak-based guide, Tommy Samuels is a proud North Carolina resident known transforming his passion into a successful and pioneering outfitting business.  When not placing clients onto reds or spending quality paddle time with his family, Tommy is busily penning numerous publications related to the sport, including those found in [...]

Ken Whiting


As the founder, president, and producer of Heliconia Press, Ken Whiting has brought to the paddlesport world an array of educational and entertaining media, including The Kayak Fishing Show and the award-winning book, “Whitewater Kayaking:  The Ultimate Guide.”  Included in Paddler Magazine’s Paddlers of the Century, Ken is also a man whose name is one [...]

Ric Burnley


Ric Burnley is a teacher, writer, reporter, angler, and the man behind the definitive guide to the sport, The Complete Kayak Fisherman.  Currently based in Virginia Beach, Ric is the editor of, a gathering place for reports and instruction related to fishing the Atlantic coast.  A lifelong pursuer of fish, he has combined his [...]

Craig Davis

Linelle 250

Petaluma, California resident, Craig Davis, has been angling from kayaks and diving boards since the dawn of the modern movement. With a combination of time-honed stoke and an uncanny ability to express his passion, Craig is widely known as a true mentor within the sport. Besides serving as an organizer of the west coast’s largest [...]

Danny Viscardo


Whether fishing in far off corners of the globe, or targeting pike in his nearby New Jersey waters, Danny Viscardo is a kayak angler with a penchant for sharing his passion and skill set. A retired firefighter and current stage hand, Danny is also a published author, with articles and photographs appearing in several publications.

Paul Lebowitz

Paul Lebowitz5

With hundreds of articles to his name, Paul Lebowitz is arguably the most prolific writer to address the world of kayak angling.  Paul’s storytelling abilities, which seamlessly weave literary talent with a true passion for the sport, have earned him a place among the true ambassadors of kayak angling.  He is currently serving as editor [...]

Mark Veary

T-Bay Coho by Bryce Molenkamp

Mark Veary is an Oahu-born angler now living in Oregon.  A man of many titles, including engineer, author, surfer, inspiring father, and accomplished fisherman, Mark manages to exude a quiet, almost mystical stoke for the sport.  Though firmly self-rooted on the later side of the kayak/angler dichotomy, Mark has the willingness and ability necessary to paddle a small boat amongst some of the [...]

Brian Steves


Brian Steves is an Oregon-based angler with a penchant for the smaller things, be it kayaks or fish.  A most-welcoming individual, Brian has sparked the kayak angling stoke in many an inquisitive visitor to paddling events and online forums.  Though an ecologist by trade, Brian is responsible for much of the look and feel of the [...]