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Rob Milam


A kayak angler of only a few short years, Rob Milam has recently risen to the upper echelon of the sport’s pool of talent; his recent fourth place finish in the world championship series has solidified this achievement. Talent and titles aside, Rob is known as a humble and approachable angler, and one willing to [...]

Juan Veruete


Juan Veruete is an American Canoe Association Certified Kayak Instructor and a licensed kayak angling guide in Pennsylvania. As the proprietor of Kayak Fish PA, LLC, Juan conducts excursions and classes targeting river-dwelling smallmouth bass. An angler since the age of six, Juan has parlayed his four decades of experience into a mission to educate [...]

A Stable Symbiosis


Cifers and Hoover, prepping yet another display boat for the big show.  Many a vessel was touched by their skilled and patient hands. Our rented SUV turned west onto interstate 80, leaving the sweltering shores of Jordanelle Reservoir to bake in the escalating Utah sun. We’re headed to Salt Lake City, home of the industry [...]

Ollie Hughes


  Having made a name for himself in many of kayaking’s sub-genres, Ollie Hughes is a veritable tour de force in the paddling world. A paralympic  flatwater sprint, white water slalom, and outrigger canoe sprint athlete, Ollie is also a whitewater kayak instructor, talented angler, and passionate HOW volunteer. Ollie’s determined spirit and love for [...]

Rob Choi


  For a proper introduction, we turned to Rob’s friend and angling peer, Mr. Chuck Wrenn: “Dedicated, focused, determined, motivated…these are just a few of the superlatives that come to mind when someone mentions the words ‘kayak fishing’ in the same sentence with the name Rob Choi, aka ‘Angling Addict.’  Rob is someone I consider [...]

Chuck Wrenn

First Redfish

Chuck Wrenn is a champion angler and frequent volunteer for both the Central VA and Tidewater Chapters of Heroes On the Water. A man truly passionate about the organization, Chuck has been known to use personal vacation days as a means with which to attend the HOW events. A veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Chuck [...]

Paul Shipman


Coming to us by way of Livonia, New York, Dr. Paul Alan Shipman is an angler known for his artful writing and infectious passion for freshwater kayak fishing.  Paul is a long-time member of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, and has shared his positive approach to the sport through numerous workshops and seminars.  An Army [...]

Kayak Fishing Radio


Created to share one man’s love of both the sport and angling-related stories, Kayak Fishing Radio is an entity born of passion. As with any project bearing a personal etiology, an outside description thereof can feel incomplete and glossy. Though Chip Gibson’s initial vision has grown to vast realization, complete with multiple broadcasts and a [...]

Mark Wheeler


As the host of Kayak Fishing Radio’s Mid-Atlantic program, Mark Wheeler broadcasts a wide range of offerings, ranging from tips, reports, and stories.  Expertly managing to cover a vast geographic area, Mark brings to the show a wealth of personal, on-water experience.  Mark is a pro staff member with, Jackson kayak, Columbia Sportswear, and Okuma Fishing. [...]

Stephen Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a Calgary, Alberta-based angler and member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.  Through his roles as guide, instructor, and writer, Stephen shares his tremendous passion for the sport and the importance of sustainable fishing.  When not educating and recruiting new kayak anglers, Stephen can be found exploring the many lakes and rivers [...]

Darren Powell


Darren Powell is a life-long angler hailing from the state of Virginia.  Known for his positivity and altruistic contributions to the sport and its practitioners, Darren is an active and well-respected member of the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association.  A self-proclaimed kayak fishing addict, Darren can often be found on the salty waters and rivers around [...]

Alan Tharrington


As the sport’s most prolific graphic designer, Alan Tharrington is the man behind many of the most viewed kayak angling images.  Under the moniker of FishDV8, Alan has provided logos and designs to many top ranked, sport-specific websites, including HOOK1 and Kayak Bass Fishing.  The Virginia Beach resident is also known for his generous spirit, [...]

Joseph Higgins

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A modern master of the art of gyotaku, Joseph Higgins is the owner and artist behind the popular design house, Fished Impressions.  With fish, ink, and paper, Joseph has created stunning works of art, ranging from full sized framed pieces to portable images such as those found on his sticker and clothing lines.  An angler [...]

Tommy Samuels


  Boat builder, tournament angler, and kayak-based guide, Tommy Samuels is a proud North Carolina resident known transforming his passion into a successful and pioneering outfitting business.  When not placing clients onto reds or spending quality paddle time with his family, Tommy is busily penning numerous publications related to the sport, including those found in [...]

Chad Hoover


The sport of kayak angling can bestow upon Chad Hoover a variety of titles.  The former search and rescue swimmer is the co-owner of popular outfitter HOOK1 Kayak Fishing Gear, the author of the definitive guide to kayak bass fishing, and the Pro Staff Director for Wilderness Systems Kayaks.  Chad’s most recent endeavor as host [...]

Ric Burnley


Ric Burnley is a teacher, writer, reporter, angler, and the man behind the definitive guide to the sport, The Complete Kayak Fisherman.  Currently based in Virginia Beach, Ric is the editor of, a gathering place for reports and instruction related to fishing the Atlantic coast.  A lifelong pursuer of fish, he has combined his [...]

Luther Cifers

Luther Cifers3

As the founder of YakAttack, Virginia resident Luther Cifers has provided the kayak angling world with numerous innovative and highly sought-after products, all while steering his company along a path of integrity and character.  Cifers is also a name synomymous with giving within the sport, and has sponsored many a tournament, including those benefiting Heroes on [...]