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From The Roots, Skyward

The history of our sport reads like a family tree; from a small group of pioneering anglers the passion spread, largely through word of mouth, and the associated vessels and trimmings thereof became more diverse and, at the same time, specialized. The trunk of the tree grew robust, branches elongated, and leaflets and buds begat [...]

Blake Gill


  A New Orleans resident by way of Florida and Hawaii, Blake Gill is a talented angler and manager of Massey’s, one of Louisiana’s largest outdoor outfitters. Having grown up in the ocean, Blake has parlayed his lifelong fishing passion into a string of impressive tournament finishes, including the 2011 Paddlepalooza’s 1st place Leopard Red [...]

Rory Gregg


As the son of famed Hobie Regional Pro, Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg, Rory Gregg was seemingly destined to be a waterman.  An accomplished professional angler in his own right, Rory has demonstrated a true dominance in numerous tournaments, including a top ten finish on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour.  When not chasing the [...]