Searching for Definition

It can be reasonably stated that our sport of kayak angling is young, but developing rapidly.  Niche-specific products are being introduced with increasing fervor, and anglers are developing innovative ways to use these items.  Tournaments, internet forums, and seminars are all gaining popularity.    The goal of The Milkcrate is to document this growth through a celebration of the people who are simultaneously establishing and advancing the culture and practice of this pursuit.  Here you will find artists, craftsmen, professionals, and anglers coming together to weave the threads of experience into a definition of the kayak angling lifestyle.

Be it paddled, pedaled, sailed, or poled, the modern fishing kayak is a common denominator that is home to a menagerie of specialized items.  Often these items gather in a plastic cube bungee-corded to the plying vessel’s hull.  Like the contents within its confines, this work horse of the dairy industry comes with its own story, one often laced with back lot liberation or crafty bargaining.  Such narratives are what The Milkcrate seeks.

Tell us your stories of a beach-side fish fry, an unplanned foggy straying from a friendly shore, and an oft-repeated, Douglas fir-dwarfed drive to the perfect put-in.  Explain to us why it is that you choose to chase fish from a diminutive boat perched high upon a vast and moving sea.  Let us know what first solidified your identity as a kayak angler, and what this title means to you.  If said title brings with it a motivation to create art or a passion to innovate, we want to hear about that, too.

This project started as a simple inquiry into the meaning of the term “kayak angler lifestyle.”  We never could come up with an answer that we thought would be generally accepted, and this magazine is the manifestation of our ongoing search.  A definitive and conclusive definition will never happen, and is thus no longer our aim.  Kayak angling will take us all in directions as yet unknown.  The Milkcrate, however, will be along for the journey, and will attempt to paint a diverse and accurate picture of the characters and plots within our sport.

In this, our inaugural issue, we interview nine individuals, all of whom have made lasting impacts in the kayak angling world.  These are the people who designed our boats, sold us our gear, inspired our adventures, and welcomed us into their world.  Pioneers, ambassadors, and innovators, these anglers hail from different regions and eras, but all share a profound passion for a life touched by our common pursuit.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Love the premise for this.It shows again how the sport it growing.Subscribed and am looking forward to the next issue.Good writing.

  2. Andy Cameron says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Stephen. We’re glad you are on board. Lots of exciting content in the pipeline. Stay tuned…

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