From Necessity, Innovation

For reasons perhaps attributed to the adventurous demographic contained within, or the relative youth of the sport itself, kayak angling is rife with innovation.  D-I-Y inventions are a common sight, and kayak angling forums are frequent grounds from which homemade solutions to long recognized problems with gear or technique are debuted and debated.  Said problems are not necessarily indicative of a wilful void or intentional oversight on the part of the larger kayak angling industry, but rather gaps left in a developing method of pursuing fish.

The waters in which kayak anglers propel their boats offer a different set of challenges than those environs more frequented by traditional paddlesport enthusiasts.  Obstacles, issues with depth, and a demand for stealthy mobility are common conditions within our sport.  As is a need to travel with a wide and accessible array of supplies.  Placing these specialized supplies into the hands of a widespread and demanding public has also been viewed as a persistent challenge.  Safety is a concern for all who venture forth upon small vessels, and from such a shared passion, ideas related to improving the well-being of anglers are frequently the birthing grounds for innovation. Issues seemingly global in scale, these have all been met with enthusiastic vigor by those most affected.

This issue of The Milkcrate gathers interviews with three anglers known for their ability to recognize and solve problems unique to our sport.  Each of these men has, through their own experience on the water, noticed a void within the commonly available supply chain. They have all set forth with a vision to improve the kayak angling pursuit for themselves and others, and as such, have become well known and trusted suppliers of coveted and award winning gear. All three interviewees have also shown themselves to both personify and exemplify the innovative spirit of the sport.

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