Expression of Passion

This issue began as an exploration into a land known to be among the forefronts of kayak angling.  Australia is home to many practitioners of the sport, and the country is becoming a leading destination for traveling anglers.  The skill and camaraderie demonstrated by the populace are both remarkable and inspiring.  Australia, with its extensive coastline, is also home to a variety of target species and angling conditions. To learn more about the sport’s presence down under, we sat down with three of the country’s most respected kayak fishermen, and through our conversations with Greg Seeto, Paul O’Leary, and Josh Holmes, a new theme began to emerge:  expression of passion.

These three men are deeply attached to the sport, and all offer profound and creative ways of articulating the nuances of the kayak angling lifestyle.  Through his cutting edge photography, Greg Seeto breaks conventions and offers his audience a bold and innovative look at the characters and plot lines of his adventures.  As one of the most dedicated kayak angling webmasters, Josh Holmes has turned his love of the sport into an ever-growing repository of stories, product reviews, and how-to lessons.  The size and complexity of his website speak volumes about a man that truly personifies the sport.  Paul O’Leary expresses his passion with words both written and spoken, and often does so with a style and eloquence that demands serious attention.  When asked to discuss said style, Paul replied:

“I guess it’s just a passion for the subject I’m writing about. Good days on the water and the high from vanquishing a rampaging quarry, stay with me for days. Writing about it prolongs that feeling, and reliving the highs and lows of the battle tends to come out in the way I write. I guess I try and put the reader in the seat with me in the hope they can feel some of the raw emotion associated with the battle. After all, that’s what keeps us going back time and again.”

Though the current interviewees are united by a country and a well-earned deep respect from their peers, it is their ability and desire to transform their love of kayak angling into relevant and engaging media that truly bonds them.


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