Darren Powell

Darren Powell is a life-long angler hailing from the state of Virginia.  Known for his positivity and altruistic contributions to the sport and its practitioners, Darren is an active and well-respected member of the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association.  A self-proclaimed kayak fishing addict, Darren can often be found on the salty waters and rivers around Mobjack Bay.


What first drew you to this style of angling? When was that?

I often found myself fishing the James River from the shore, and wanted to get out there. So I picked up a sit in kayak, and used that a few years before I realized there were sit on tops available. That was in 2004.  I sure wish I had found them sooner.

Do you remember the first fish that you caught from a kayak?

I sure do; it was a fat Smallmouth bass that I caught on a plastic hellgramite. That is the best bait for the river.

As a self-professed kayak fishing addict, you have stated that you “live, breathe, and work to fish.” This obsession started after joining your local club, and was preceded by years of solitary angling. How did the involvement of club mates transform your love of the sport?

It allowed me to find people with the same type of attitude towards kayak fishing that I have. There is always someone in our club that’s looking for a fishing partner for any given day, and it’s always nice to try spots that I haven’t been to. The camaraderie of the members, and the relationships we hold, is a great asset to our club, and there is always a lot of new information to be shared among members.

What food and/or music fuels your drive to the put-in?

I really like stopping at Waffle House on the way to the fishing ground, and listening to country and bluegrass on the way to the put in.

Who, specifically, is shaping the future of kayak angling?

There are quite a few. Some notable ones that come to mind are Chad Hoover, Kayak Kevin Whitley, and Luther Cifers. Luther has found quite a niche for the development of kayak accessories, and I’d keep my eye on him, as he’ll surprise us with some innovative new products in the future.

With regard to kayak angling, what issues are important to you? What, if anything, can be done about them?

I think safety is one of my biggest issues with kayak angling. I see more and more people out paddling and fishing without their PFD.  I think all kayakers would benefit from an educational course before heading out on the water.

Barring money or logistics, what is your dream kayak angling trip?

Funny you should ask that.  I’ve been offshore fishing on a boat, but I think having a mothership to carry myself and some buddies out into the gulf stream for a few days of kayak angling (and staying out a few days) would be that dream trip.

What’s in your milk crate?

You know, I don’t have a milk crate. I usually have a tackle bag with the usual type stuff. Mainly snacks like cookies and candy bars and peanuts.  I can have breakfast and just as soon as I’m on the water I start to get hungry.

Tell us about your best day on the water.

That would have to be the Spring shad run.  I go to one of my local rivers, away from the crowds, and generally have the river to myself.  I can get as many as 30 shad in a day, and have a little solitude.

What is the kayak fishing lifestyle?

Just yesterday the weather was calling for severe storms, but I saw a window of opportunity and drove over to Mathews County to get in a little fishing before it hit. It was a beautiful morning, sun was out, and the water was like glass.  I made a few cast, but mostly just took in the scenery – ospreys on their nest, a few dead rises heading out, the crabbers checking their pots.  It was just nice to be out for 2 short hours. I got my fix once again.

Tell us a story, any story.

Some of my club members and I hit one of the rivers off of Mobjack Bay, targeting Speckled Trout.  We hadn’t had much luck with them in the past, but I was determined to find them no matter how far we had to paddle.  I could see an old wharf off in the distance, and we pointed our yaks toward it, and after about 30 minutes reached our destination. First cast and fish on. We each caught enough for dinner. That was one of favorite trips of the year.

What does the future hold for you?

If my wonderful wife will allow it, I hope I’m able to get out more often.


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  1. Darren is an ambassador of the sport of kayak angling and living proof that a positive attitude and respect for the water go a long way.

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