Jeff Anderson


  Hailing from Portland, Oregon by way of California, Iowa and Wyoming, Jeff Anderson is a talented angler known for impressive catches and infectious passion.  A veteran of waters both fresh and salty, Jeff can be found pursuing a variety of species, ranging from salmon, halibut, rockfish, and bass.  Jeff is an active member of [...]

Stephen Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a Calgary, Alberta-based angler and member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.  Through his roles as guide, instructor, and writer, Stephen shares his tremendous passion for the sport and the importance of sustainable fishing.  When not educating and recruiting new kayak anglers, Stephen can be found exploring the many lakes and rivers [...]

Richi Oliver


Richi Oliver is a Southampton-based angler known for his pioneering efforts and record setting achievements.  With over 2200 miles paddled in the past 4 years, Richi can often be found on the water in search of shark or Conger eels.  The later species bears a strong tie to Richi’s name, as he was the first [...]

Mark Crame

Mark Crame (4)

Ushered into the sport by his grandmother, Mark Crame is a lifelong fisherman best known as the source of the entertaining and educational blog, Kayaking Angler.  A gifted storyteller and video producer, Mark delivers to his audience a wealth of content that is rife with humor, fantastical imagery, and honesty.  When not traveling, writing, or [...]

Rob Appleby


Rob Appleby, a 20 year veteran of the UK Navy, is best known as the man behind the popular blog, Saltwater Kayak Fisherman.  With an artistic eye and grand vision, Rob has created a rich online world in which anglers can view trip reports, receive advice, and take in the sights of the UK waters [...]

Ty Southerland


Ty Southerland is best known in kayak angling circles as the host of the wildly popular online series “30 Miles Out.”  To the rest of the world, he’s known as Ty of Ty and the Semiautomatics, a nationally touring and recording band that has played with some of music’s biggest stars.  An angler passionate about [...]

Tommy Samuels


  Boat builder, tournament angler, and kayak-based guide, Tommy Samuels is a proud North Carolina resident known transforming his passion into a successful and pioneering outfitting business.  When not placing clients onto reds or spending quality paddle time with his family, Tommy is busily penning numerous publications related to the sport, including those found in [...]

Christopher Mautino


Nomadic guide, Chris Mautino, is the founder of Liquid Adventures, an outfitting business located in Seward, Alaska.  Always in search of new challenges and adventures, Chris further divides his time between California and Baja, with the later locale being claimed as his favorite spot on earth.  When not traveling or guiding, Chris can be found [...]

Rory Gregg


As the son of famed Hobie Regional Pro, Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg, Rory Gregg was seemingly destined to be a waterman.  An accomplished professional angler in his own right, Rory has demonstrated a true dominance in numerous tournaments, including a top ten finish on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour.  When not chasing the [...]

Morgan Promnitz


South African born Morgan Promnitz is the fishing products manager of Hobie Fishing Products, and a seasoned waterman with unparalleled experience in the kayak angling industry. An angler since his formative years, Morgan brings to his job a wealth of knowledge learned in the surf, under the waves, and atop the very boats he has [...]

Brendan Bayard


Baton Rouge resident, Brendan Bayard, is a Hobie Fishing team member known for his tournament winning prowess and endless promotion of the sport. With numerous artistic talents to his name, Brendan designs shirts for kayak angling tournaments and clubs, and appears as a gifted speaker at seminars and over the radio waves. Always willing to [...]

Paul O’Leary


Brisbane resident, Paul O’Leary, is a big game aficionado known for his adventurous spirit and ability to land truly impressive catches.  Drawn to the sport by a chance encounter at a boat show, Paul abandoned his then dreams of jet ski ownership, and started his ascension to becoming one of Australia’s most respected kayak fisherman.  [...]

Isaac Brumaghim


As the founder of the popular fishing website, Aquahunters, Isaac Brumaghim opened a window through which the world became aware of the kayak angling scene in Hawaii.  The Oahu-based angler, writer, tournament organizer, and all-around public face of the sport is known for both his on water talents and dedication to the responsible stewardship of [...]

David “Boogie-D” Elgas


David Elgas is a Haleiwa-based angler, teacher, guide, writer, and television personality best known for his contagious passion for the sport.  With numerous awards to his name, including those from Kayak Fishing Radio and the US Coast Guard Auxillary, David is well respected for his abilities to promote the sport of kayak angling with positivity [...]

Jeff Krieger


Simi Valley resident, Jeff Krieger, is perhaps best known for his early and innovative contributions to the art of kayak rigging. The inventor of the Rhynobar, Jeff recognized a need within the sport, and set off to develop and produce a solution. His product transformed ordinary sit on top kayaks into specialized fishing machines, and, [...]

Craig Davis

Linelle 250

Petaluma, California resident, Craig Davis, has been angling from kayaks and diving boards since the dawn of the modern movement. With a combination of time-honed stoke and an uncanny ability to express his passion, Craig is widely known as a true mentor within the sport. Besides serving as an organizer of the west coast’s largest [...]

Ron Sauber


A fisherman in the truest sense of the word, Ron Sauber runs Groundswell Kayak Fishing, a kayak angler guide service based out of Oregon City, Oregon.  Combining passions for science, education, and the culinary arts, Ron is making a thoughtful and unique impact within the industry and sport. 

Brian Steves


Brian Steves is an Oregon-based angler with a penchant for the smaller things, be it kayaks or fish.  A most-welcoming individual, Brian has sparked the kayak angling stoke in many an inquisitive visitor to paddling events and online forums.  Though an ecologist by trade, Brian is responsible for much of the look and feel of the [...]