Issue 9

Kayak Angling In The United Kingdom

This issue of The Milkcrate has us traveling to the United Kingdom, a place home to a devoted and growing kayak angling populace.  As an outsider, it is hard to parlay into words the passion with which these anglers practice the sport, and as such, a mere geographical survey will not suffice.  In order to [...]

Richi Oliver


Richi Oliver is a Southampton-based angler known for his pioneering efforts and record setting achievements.  With over 2200 miles paddled in the past 4 years, Richi can often be found on the water in search of shark or Conger eels.  The later species bears a strong tie to Richi’s name, as he was the first [...]

Mark Crame

Mark Crame (4)

Ushered into the sport by his grandmother, Mark Crame is a lifelong fisherman best known as the source of the entertaining and educational blog, Kayaking Angler.  A gifted storyteller and video producer, Mark delivers to his audience a wealth of content that is rife with humor, fantastical imagery, and honesty.  When not traveling, writing, or [...]

Ian Harris


Ian “Dizzyfish” Harris is a UK-based angler, pioneer, and ambassador known for his generous and positive contributions to the sport.  The man behind the well read website, Leave No Trace, Ian offers to his viewers a wealth of information, including trip reports, videos, and fascinating images of the sea floor made available through his innovative [...]

Rob Appleby


Rob Appleby, a 20 year veteran of the UK Navy, is best known as the man behind the popular blog, Saltwater Kayak Fisherman.  With an artistic eye and grand vision, Rob has created a rich online world in which anglers can view trip reports, receive advice, and take in the sights of the UK waters [...]