Issue 7

An Exploration of Hobie Fishing

Whether the venue is an online forum or post-tournament potluck, conversations amongst kayak anglers often feature a large portion of dialogue dedicated to the material side of our sport.  Boats, paddles, tackle, and rigging options are all subject to brand loyalty and debate, and discussions thereof can be guaranteed to involve mention of companies that [...]

Jim Czarnowski


An angler since his formative years in Yellowstone National Park, Jim Czarnowski is now in his tenth year as Director of Engineering at Hobie Cat Company.  With numerous design credits to his name, Jim has lead the team responsible for many of Hobie most beloved products.  When not creating Hobie’s next must-have items, Jim can [...]

Rory Gregg


As the son of famed Hobie Regional Pro, Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg, Rory Gregg was seemingly destined to be a waterman.  An accomplished professional angler in his own right, Rory has demonstrated a true dominance in numerous tournaments, including a top ten finish on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour.  When not chasing the [...]

Morgan Promnitz


South African born Morgan Promnitz is the fishing products manager of Hobie Fishing Products, and a seasoned waterman with unparalleled experience in the kayak angling industry. An angler since his formative years, Morgan brings to his job a wealth of knowledge learned in the surf, under the waves, and atop the very boats he has [...]

Brendan Bayard


Baton Rouge resident, Brendan Bayard, is a Hobie Fishing team member known for his tournament winning prowess and endless promotion of the sport. With numerous artistic talents to his name, Brendan designs shirts for kayak angling tournaments and clubs, and appears as a gifted speaker at seminars and over the radio waves. Always willing to [...]