Issue 6

Expression of Passion

This issue began as an exploration into a land known to be among the forefronts of kayak angling.  Australia is home to many practitioners of the sport, and the country is becoming a leading destination for traveling anglers.  The skill and camaraderie demonstrated by the populace are both remarkable and inspiring.  Australia, with its extensive [...]

Greg Seeto


­ Hailing from Sydney, Greg Seeto is a photographer, journalist, and talented angler best known as the creative and innovative source of imagery on the popular website, lureandfly.  In what can only be termed as game changing, Greg’s photographic skills have brought forth a portfolio of images unlike any in the sport.  Greg has fished [...]

Paul O’Leary


Brisbane resident, Paul O’Leary, is a big game aficionado known for his adventurous spirit and ability to land truly impressive catches.  Drawn to the sport by a chance encounter at a boat show, Paul abandoned his then dreams of jet ski ownership, and started his ascension to becoming one of Australia’s most respected kayak fisherman.  [...]

Josh Holmes


Josh Holmes is a Maclean resident and publisher of the ever-popular website, Yakass.  A man truly immersed in the sport of kayak angling, Josh also runs an online video show and, when not adding to his tens of thousand of compiled kayak miles, can be found selling and demonstrating boats for Maclean Outdoors.  Through his [...]

Brett Ozanne


Brett Ozanne is a Perth-based angler, writer, blogger, guide, workshop leader, and film maker.  A result of his work in the later capacity is his well-received movie, “Above the 26th Parallel.”  Perhaps best known as the man behind Yakfishwest, Brett brings to his readers in-depth angling reports, product reviews, and inspirational photos.  Brett’s work can [...]