Issue 5

Talking Story

Story telling is an ancient art.  The forefathers of today’s modern kayak angler, The Inuit, used to gather in a qagip, a giant snow house, to tell story and pass the time.  Today, we have movies, magazines, books, and the online world of community forums, e-zines, and newsletters.  As the sport of kayak angling grows, so too [...]

Jerry McBride


Jensen Beach, Florida resident, Jerry McBride is a freelance author, photographer, television personality, editor, and representative of DOA Lures.  Further categorization of the man is a woeful and unwilling dance with understatement, for Jerry’s extensive resume is matched only by his larger-than-life personality and passion for the sport.  Seemingly born to be a fisherman, Jerry [...]

Ken Whiting


As the founder, president, and producer of Heliconia Press, Ken Whiting has brought to the paddlesport world an array of educational and entertaining media, including The Kayak Fishing Show and the award-winning book, “Whitewater Kayaking:  The Ultimate Guide.”  Included in Paddler Magazine’s Paddlers of the Century, Ken is also a man whose name is one [...]

Ric Burnley


Ric Burnley is a teacher, writer, reporter, angler, and the man behind the definitive guide to the sport, The Complete Kayak Fisherman.  Currently based in Virginia Beach, Ric is the editor of, a gathering place for reports and instruction related to fishing the Atlantic coast.  A lifelong pursuer of fish, he has combined his [...]

Jon Shein


Hailing from Rockaway, New Jersey, Jon Shein is a man dedicated to the bettering of the sport of kayak angling.  As the editor of Kayak Fishing Magazine, Jon provides his readers with trusted product reviews, thorough instruction, and grounds for interaction.  His 2010 book, “Kayak Fishing,” has gone on to become one of the treasured [...]