Issue 3

From Necessity, Innovation

For reasons perhaps attributed to the adventurous demographic contained within, or the relative youth of the sport itself, kayak angling is rife with innovation.  D-I-Y inventions are a common sight, and kayak angling forums are frequent grounds from which homemade solutions to long recognized problems with gear or technique are debuted and debated.  Said problems [...]

Luther Cifers

Luther Cifers3

As the founder of YakAttack, Virginia resident Luther Cifers has provided the kayak angling world with numerous innovative and highly sought-after products, all while steering his company along a path of integrity and character.  Cifers is also a name synomymous with giving within the sport, and has sponsored many a tournament, including those benefiting Heroes on [...]

Jeff Krieger


Simi Valley resident, Jeff Krieger, is perhaps best known for his early and innovative contributions to the art of kayak rigging. The inventor of the Rhynobar, Jeff recognized a need within the sport, and set off to develop and produce a solution. His product transformed ordinary sit on top kayaks into specialized fishing machines, and, [...]

Ed Halm

Ed @ 2011 OR Show

As a former US Navy survival instructor, Ed Halm is familiar with the phrase, “adapt and overcome.” A man seemingly in possession of a greater than average problem solving ability, Ed is the owner of Backwater Paddle Company, a business that creates unique and highly specialized paddlesport equipment. Hailing from Rockledge, Florida by way of [...]