Issue 22

A Celebration of Giving

This issue of The Milkcrate is one the celebrates the giving nature of the holiday season. In these pages, we gather conversations with three individuals known for the selfless and passionate ways in which they enrich the sport’s culture and knowledge base. Be it through the building of popular online communities, the time-intensive processes of [...]

Kevin Whitley


Known amongst internet denizens as Kayak Kevin, Mr. Whitley is an adventurer, a filmmaker, and true inspiration. Combining a love of kayak touring and angling, Kevin has logged thousands of miles in search of amazing catches. Though the recently crowned Angler of the Year has behind him a slough of successful DVD and multimedia productions, [...]

Rob Milam


A kayak angler of only a few short years, Rob Milam has recently risen to the upper echelon of the sport’s pool of talent; his recent fourth place finish in the world championship series has solidified this achievement. Talent and titles aside, Rob is known as a humble and approachable angler, and one willing to [...]

Mark Watanabe

mark broad bay virginia beach va

Many of the sport’s most iconic and ubiquitous phenomena have been touched by the talented and busy hands of Mark Watanabe. As the co-founder of, Mark has created one of the web’s most endearing and popular gathering places – one utilized by thousands of anglers searching for camaraderie and information. Mark’s name is also [...]