Issue 20

Reflecting Inspiration

For those of us dwelling in the Northern latitudes, the waning days of summer have officially given way to the scarlet hues of autumn. The days are getting shorter, and a cool crisp often blankets the twilight hours. For some kayak anglers, this change signifies a decline in available opportunity; for others, it merely indicates [...]

Scott Hunter

Saily 4

  Coming to us from the kayak angling hotbed of South Africa, Scott Hunter is a fisherman with a penchant for the pursuit of big game.  As chairman, Scott was very influential in reestablishing the Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club, which is now once of the strongest kayak fishing clubs in South Africa. A self-proclaimed fishing [...]

Drew Gregory


  A charismatic Southern blend of passion, determination, and creativity, North Carolina’s Drew Gregory is an angler familiar to many within our sport.  With many roles to his name, including those of brand ambassador, speaker, television star, and mentor, Drew is well-immersed in the kayak angling life.  As the founder of, Drew has built [...]

Annie Doyle


  Annie Doyle is an angler with a penchant for keeping things simple. Coming to us by way of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, Annie is a talented and passionate fisherwoman known for the unique methodology with which she pursues her prey. Eschewing traditional rod and reel, Annie takes to the sea upon a paddleboard, [...]