Issue 2

The Diaspora

When the sport’s pioneers first set out upon the water, they launched with their vessels a movement.  Through beach-side encounters with the adventurous and the curious, the first wave of kayak anglers sparked both interest and passion, and the movement began to slowly take hold.  As the notion of fishing from kayaks traveled from the [...]

Craig Davis

Linelle 250

Petaluma, California resident, Craig Davis, has been angling from kayaks and diving boards since the dawn of the modern movement. With a combination of time-honed stoke and an uncanny ability to express his passion, Craig is widely known as a true mentor within the sport. Besides serving as an organizer of the west coast’s largest [...]

Danny Viscardo


Whether fishing in far off corners of the globe, or targeting pike in his nearby New Jersey waters, Danny Viscardo is a kayak angler with a penchant for sharing his passion and skill set. A retired firefighter and current stage hand, Danny is also a published author, with articles and photographs appearing in several publications.

Wali Gomes


Wali Gomes is an inventor, teacher, and long time kayak angler best known for his informative and often entertaining contributions to the online kayak angling world. Currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida after having spent time in Oregon, California, Louisiana, and the Virgin Islands, Wali has made a name for himself with both his tournament angling [...]

Richard Ofner


Richard Ofner is an Ontario, Canada-based angler, tournament organizer, and blogger ( Perhaps best known in his capacities as the later, Richard shares with his readers both the details of his northern adventures and his immeasurable passion for the sport. When not chasing down the next prize Musky, Richard can be found traveling and spending [...]