Issue 15

Malibu Kayak Pro Staff

In this issue of The Milkcrate, we converse with members of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, an organization dedicated to promoting both the sport and the brand. As with all promotional teams, the Malibu staff competes in tournaments, engages the public through demo days and events, and makes its media presence known through online and [...]

Paul Shipman


Coming to us by way of Livonia, New York, Dr. Paul Alan Shipman is an angler known for his artful writing and infectious passion for freshwater kayak fishing.  Paul is a long-time member of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, and has shared his positive approach to the sport through numerous workshops and seminars.  An Army [...]

Bill Howard

Cedar Key Fog

  Hailing from Apollo Beach, Florida, Bill “Heywood” Howard is a talented writer and photographer known for producing striking imagery and thoughtful prose.  A member of the Malibu Kayaks Pro Staff, Bill is an active representative of the sport, and can often be found fishing in tournaments, organizing demo days, and hosting seminars devoted to [...]

Charlie Ganoe


  One of the newest additions to the Malibu Kayak Pro Staff, Jacksonville, Florida resident, Charlie Ganoe, is an accomplished tournament angler with numerous top ten finishes to his name.  Charlie’s infectious passion for kayak angling as spread throughout his tree of relatives, and the family Ganoe has blossomed into a veritable tour de force [...]