Issue 12

An Air of Permanence

Though a phenomenon not well documented enough to be labeled as typical, many kayak anglers find themselves arriving at the sport after numerous forays into a variety of fishing subgenres.  Like folk music’s Froggie courting his way through hundreds of verses, some practitioners of our sport romance the art of catching fish through various means [...]

Joe Underwood


  Joe Underwood is an Virginia-based angler known for his generosity and passion for the sport.  In homage to his hometown and its respective hockey team, Joe often shares his knowledge via forum posts and blogged articles under the moniker PhillyJoe.  A skilled pursuer of stripers, Joe can often be found prowling the nocturnal environs [...]

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Stephen Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a Calgary, Alberta-based angler and member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.  Through his roles as guide, instructor, and writer, Stephen shares his tremendous passion for the sport and the importance of sustainable fishing.  When not educating and recruiting new kayak anglers, Stephen can be found exploring the many lakes and rivers [...]

Lawrence “Lozz” Taylor

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  ” If you polled UK kayak anglers asking folk to associate a name with both kayak angling and big fish, there’s little doubt that Lozz would top that poll.  Whether it be bagging over-sized Tope or Cod, or taming a giant Skate, Lozz has pretty much been there and done it when it comes [...]