Issue 11

A Lasting Imprint

With motivations lacking even the most illusory nods to pretense and desire for grand recognition, our current assemblage of kayak anglers pursues the sport with the kind of purity and trueness of self found only in men moving out of willful innateness.  To assign further description is to erroneously delve into the cliche-filled world of [...]

Gary Gregg


  Hailing from Oregon by way of Durban, South Africa, Gary Gregg is known for his truly minimalist take on the sport.  Often seen fishing from a surfboard in the waters near Pacific City, Gary manages impressive catches without the advantages of ubiquitous modern kayak angling conveniences.  Gary is also a member and a board [...]

Darren Powell


Darren Powell is a life-long angler hailing from the state of Virginia.  Known for his positivity and altruistic contributions to the sport and its practitioners, Darren is an active and well-respected member of the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association.  A self-proclaimed kayak fishing addict, Darren can often be found on the salty waters and rivers around [...]

Eric Stockwell

Staging a glimpse into my own heart

Hailing from the Northern California coast, Eric Stockwell is best known as the man behind the annual Gimme Shelter Kayak Fishing Tournament.  With his positivity, self-reflection, and altruistic attitude, Eric could also be coined as kayak angling’s philosopher king.  Eric’s angling prowess is not to be overlooked, as he has many impressive catches to his [...]

Justin Mayer


Quite possibly the most stoked and passionate man to ever practice the sport, Justin Mayer is a Virginia-based angler and blogger known for his positivity, drive, and eloquence with the written word. Truly a personification of the lifestyle, Justin has slept in bait shop parking lots and sandwiched workdays with dawn and dusk patrols. Our [...]