Duane Te Grotenhuis


Duane Te Grotenhuis, along with his wife, Evelyn, is the owner and operator of T G Canoes and Kayak, the second oldest outfitting business in the state of Texas. Duane has proudly sponsored and hosted the River Bassin’ Tournament Trail last year, and has plans to host more river fishing tournaments in the future. A [...]

Mark Castlow


  Mark Castlow is one of the driving forces behind Dragonfly Boatworks, an innovative American manufacturer of fishing and touring-specific stand up paddleboards. In an industry largely dominated by surfing-centric designs, Mark has blazed his own path, and in doing so, opened up the burgeoning world of stand up paddling to anglers seeking a new [...]

Chad Hoover


The sport of kayak angling can bestow upon Chad Hoover a variety of titles.  The former search and rescue swimmer is the co-owner of popular outfitter HOOK1 Kayak Fishing Gear, the author of the definitive guide to kayak bass fishing, and the Pro Staff Director for Wilderness Systems Kayaks.  Chad’s most recent endeavor as host [...]

Jim Czarnowski


An angler since his formative years in Yellowstone National Park, Jim Czarnowski is now in his tenth year as Director of Engineering at Hobie Cat Company.  With numerous design credits to his name, Jim has lead the team responsible for many of Hobie most beloved products.  When not creating Hobie’s next must-have items, Jim can [...]

Luther Cifers

Luther Cifers3

As the founder of YakAttack, Virginia resident Luther Cifers has provided the kayak angling world with numerous innovative and highly sought-after products, all while steering his company along a path of integrity and character.  Cifers is also a name synomymous with giving within the sport, and has sponsored many a tournament, including those benefiting Heroes on [...]

Ed Halm

Ed @ 2011 OR Show

As a former US Navy survival instructor, Ed Halm is familiar with the phrase, “adapt and overcome.” A man seemingly in possession of a greater than average problem solving ability, Ed is the owner of Backwater Paddle Company, a business that creates unique and highly specialized paddlesport equipment. Hailing from Rockledge, Florida by way of [...]

Tim Niemier

Tim Niemier1

If modern kayak anglers attributed the birth of their sport to a single spark, it could be said the the ignition lie, in part, within Tim Niemier.  The founder of Ocean Kayak, Tim’s original designs propel a large majority of those who seek fish atop small plastic boats.  Constantly innovating in pursuit of a kayak [...]

Karen and Mark Ezell

Mark Karen1

Mark and Karen Ezell are a husband and wife duo known for founding the popular online retail shop Hook 1  Their passion for the sport and its practitioners is trumped only by their love of each other and the time spent together on the water.  Though no longer in possession of their original business, Mark [...]