Steve Gibson


Veteran outdoor writer and photographer, Steve Gibson, is a kayak angler blessed with an amazing talent for telling the stories of our sport. Steve also possesses a gift for angling, and has to his name numerous top tier fly-specific tournament finishes. Not content to remain in his role as tournament participant, Steve is also the [...]

John Cail


John Cail came to my attention by way of an email.  It was penned by an associate of John’s, and informed me that, should anyone personify the perfect fit for The Milkcrate, it was John. A man with decades of kayak angling experience, John has clearly etched onto the sport his own larger than life [...]

Kevin Whitley


Known amongst internet denizens as Kayak Kevin, Mr. Whitley is an adventurer, a filmmaker, and true inspiration. Combining a love of kayak touring and angling, Kevin has logged thousands of miles in search of amazing catches. Though the recently crowned Angler of the Year has behind him a slough of successful DVD and multimedia productions, [...]

Mark Watanabe

mark broad bay virginia beach va

Many of the sport’s most iconic and ubiquitous phenomena have been touched by the talented and busy hands of Mark Watanabe. As the co-founder of, Mark has created one of the web’s most endearing and popular gathering places – one utilized by thousands of anglers searching for camaraderie and information. Mark’s name is also [...]

Nicholas Cryder


Hailing from Seattle by way of Montana and Belgium, Nicholas Cryder is an adventurer best known for his revolutionary and genre-bending kayak design. Rare is the product that seamlessly blends function and performance; scarce is object that adds to the mix an air of high art. Nicholas has done just that, though, and will likely [...]

Dean Brown


  Dean Brown, a Bass Pro Shops Pro Staffer and  freelance graphic designer, is, perhaps, reinventing the way we experience the visual media of the sport. His online kayak angling journal, Up Down Bass, has been featured in several outdoor publications, and offers to the kayak angling public a variety of artistic photographs, poetic syntax, [...]

Alan Tharrington


As the sport’s most prolific graphic designer, Alan Tharrington is the man behind many of the most viewed kayak angling images.  Under the moniker of FishDV8, Alan has provided logos and designs to many top ranked, sport-specific websites, including HOOK1 and Kayak Bass Fishing.  The Virginia Beach resident is also known for his generous spirit, [...]

Joseph Higgins


A modern master of the art of gyotaku, Joseph Higgins is the owner and artist behind the popular design house, Fished Impressions.  With fish, ink, and paper, Joseph has created stunning works of art, ranging from full sized framed pieces to portable images such as those found on his sticker and clothing lines.  An angler [...]

Jon Schwartz


As the man behind some of angling’s most iconic images, Jon Schwartz is a respected photographer known for his innovative technique and eye for detail.  Jon’s images have graced the covers of many media outlets, and often feature close and intimate portraits of the world’s largest game fish.  Also a published author, Jon has penned [...]

Ben Williams

fish pics 230 1

As one of the most in-demand kayak angling artists, Ben Williams has made a name for himself by producing stunning and ethereal watercolors. With a batik influence and eye for the colors and emotions of the sport, this life long fisherman has sold over a hundred works to his local club mates alone. Ben is [...]

Greg Seeto


­ Hailing from Sydney, Greg Seeto is a photographer, journalist, and talented angler best known as the creative and innovative source of imagery on the popular website, lureandfly.  In what can only be termed as game changing, Greg’s photographic skills have brought forth a portfolio of images unlike any in the sport.  Greg has fished [...]

Josh Holmes


Josh Holmes is a Maclean resident and publisher of the ever-popular website, Yakass.  A man truly immersed in the sport of kayak angling, Josh also runs an online video show and, when not adding to his tens of thousand of compiled kayak miles, can be found selling and demonstrating boats for Maclean Outdoors.  Through his [...]

Brett Ozanne


Brett Ozanne is a Perth-based angler, writer, blogger, guide, workshop leader, and film maker.  A result of his work in the later capacity is his well-received movie, “Above the 26th Parallel.”  Perhaps best known as the man behind Yakfishwest, Brett brings to his readers in-depth angling reports, product reviews, and inspirational photos.  Brett’s work can [...]

Jerry McBride


Jensen Beach, Florida resident, Jerry McBride is a freelance author, photographer, television personality, editor, and representative of DOA Lures.  Further categorization of the man is a woeful and unwilling dance with understatement, for Jerry’s extensive resume is matched only by his larger-than-life personality and passion for the sport.  Seemingly born to be a fisherman, Jerry [...]

Ken Whiting


As the founder, president, and producer of Heliconia Press, Ken Whiting has brought to the paddlesport world an array of educational and entertaining media, including The Kayak Fishing Show and the award-winning book, “Whitewater Kayaking:  The Ultimate Guide.”  Included in Paddler Magazine’s Paddlers of the Century, Ken is also a man whose name is one [...]

Ric Burnley


Ric Burnley is a teacher, writer, reporter, angler, and the man behind the definitive guide to the sport, The Complete Kayak Fisherman.  Currently based in Virginia Beach, Ric is the editor of, a gathering place for reports and instruction related to fishing the Atlantic coast.  A lifelong pursuer of fish, he has combined his [...]

Jon Shein


Hailing from Rockaway, New Jersey, Jon Shein is a man dedicated to the bettering of the sport of kayak angling.  As the editor of Kayak Fishing Magazine, Jon provides his readers with trusted product reviews, thorough instruction, and grounds for interaction.  His 2010 book, “Kayak Fishing,” has gone on to become one of the treasured [...]

Paul Lebowitz

Paul Lebowitz5

With hundreds of articles to his name, Paul Lebowitz is arguably the most prolific writer to address the world of kayak angling.  Paul’s storytelling abilities, which seamlessly weave literary talent with a true passion for the sport, have earned him a place among the true ambassadors of kayak angling.  He is currently serving as editor [...]

Bryce Molenkamp

Picture 2

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Bryce Molenkamp is an angler and artist known for his ability to transform the spirit of the sport into incredible and inspiring designs.  The founder of Slayride KayakFishing, Bryce is filling the niche of providing kayak anglers with fun, innovative apparel and accessories.  Bryce’s passion for the kayak angling lifestyle is also exhibited through [...]