Tyler Rich


In correspondence with veteran angler and author, Cory Routh, the name Tyler Rich came up as one belonging to a truly inspirational and talented angler. Though a young man of college age, Tyler has already amassed more volunteer hours than anglers twice his senior. Widely known for his passion and ability to inspire and teach [...]

Scott Hunter

Saily 4

  Coming to us from the kayak angling hotbed of South Africa, Scott Hunter is a fisherman with a penchant for the pursuit of big game.  As chairman, Scott was very influential in reestablishing the Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club, which is now once of the strongest kayak fishing clubs in South Africa. A self-proclaimed fishing [...]

Annie Doyle


  Annie Doyle is an angler with a penchant for keeping things simple. Coming to us by way of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, Annie is a talented and passionate fisherwoman known for the unique methodology with which she pursues her prey. Eschewing traditional rod and reel, Annie takes to the sea upon a paddleboard, [...]

Ollie Hughes


  Having made a name for himself in many of kayaking’s sub-genres, Ollie Hughes is a veritable tour de force in the paddling world. A paralympic  flatwater sprint, white water slalom, and outrigger canoe sprint athlete, Ollie is also a whitewater kayak instructor, talented angler, and passionate HOW volunteer. Ollie’s determined spirit and love for [...]

Chuck Wrenn

First Redfish

Chuck Wrenn is a champion angler and frequent volunteer for both the Central VA and Tidewater Chapters of Heroes On the Water. A man truly passionate about the organization, Chuck has been known to use personal vacation days as a means with which to attend the HOW events. A veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Chuck [...]

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Hailing from Virginia Beach, Tom VanderHeiden is the Coordinator for the Tidewater Chapter of Heroes On the Water. Known for his approachability, friendliness, and story telling abilities, Tom is an angler with an a true affinity for the sport’s practitioners. In his own words, “I’m not a guy that is concerned with collecting fish citations [...]

Bill Stroud

HOW 21-23JAN 071

  Bill Stroud is a San Antonio based angler and chapter coordinator for Heroes On the Water. Known for creating memorable and healing kayak angling excursions, Bill has brought countless veterans into the sport. With a reflective and humble air, Bill personifies many of the sport’s positive traits, and truly exemplifies the mission of HOW. [...]

Joe Underwood


  Joe Underwood is an Virginia-based angler known for his generosity and passion for the sport.  In homage to his hometown and its respective hockey team, Joe often shares his knowledge via forum posts and blogged articles under the moniker PhillyJoe.  A skilled pursuer of stripers, Joe can often be found prowling the nocturnal environs [...]

Lawrence “Lozz” Taylor

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  ” If you polled UK kayak anglers asking folk to associate a name with both kayak angling and big fish, there’s little doubt that Lozz would top that poll.  Whether it be bagging over-sized Tope or Cod, or taming a giant Skate, Lozz has pretty much been there and done it when it comes [...]

Gary Gregg


  Hailing from Oregon by way of Durban, South Africa, Gary Gregg is known for his truly minimalist take on the sport.  Often seen fishing from a surfboard in the waters near Pacific City, Gary manages impressive catches without the advantages of ubiquitous modern kayak angling conveniences.  Gary is also a member and a board [...]

Darren Powell


Darren Powell is a life-long angler hailing from the state of Virginia.  Known for his positivity and altruistic contributions to the sport and its practitioners, Darren is an active and well-respected member of the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association.  A self-proclaimed kayak fishing addict, Darren can often be found on the salty waters and rivers around [...]

Eric Stockwell

Staging a glimpse into my own heart

Hailing from the Northern California coast, Eric Stockwell is best known as the man behind the annual Gimme Shelter Kayak Fishing Tournament.  With his positivity, self-reflection, and altruistic attitude, Eric could also be coined as kayak angling’s philosopher king.  Eric’s angling prowess is not to be overlooked, as he has many impressive catches to his [...]

Justin Mayer


Quite possibly the most stoked and passionate man to ever practice the sport, Justin Mayer is a Virginia-based angler and blogger known for his positivity, drive, and eloquence with the written word. Truly a personification of the lifestyle, Justin has slept in bait shop parking lots and sandwiched workdays with dawn and dusk patrols. Our [...]

Ian Harris


Ian “Dizzyfish” Harris is a UK-based angler, pioneer, and ambassador known for his generous and positive contributions to the sport.  The man behind the well read website, Leave No Trace, Ian offers to his viewers a wealth of information, including trip reports, videos, and fascinating images of the sea floor made available through his innovative [...]

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Chris Paglinawan


Chris Paglinawan is a name often associated with the upper echelon of kayak angling talent.  A record setting skin diver, Chris has used his knowledge of the underwater realm to become one of the world’s master anglers, setting kayak-based records and gathering tournament trophies along the way.  Combining a quiet stoke with humility and passion, [...]

Danny Viscardo


Whether fishing in far off corners of the globe, or targeting pike in his nearby New Jersey waters, Danny Viscardo is a kayak angler with a penchant for sharing his passion and skill set. A retired firefighter and current stage hand, Danny is also a published author, with articles and photographs appearing in several publications.

Wali Gomes


Wali Gomes is an inventor, teacher, and long time kayak angler best known for his informative and often entertaining contributions to the online kayak angling world. Currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida after having spent time in Oregon, California, Louisiana, and the Virgin Islands, Wali has made a name for himself with both his tournament angling [...]

Richard Ofner


Richard Ofner is an Ontario, Canada-based angler, tournament organizer, and blogger ( Perhaps best known in his capacities as the later, Richard shares with his readers both the details of his northern adventures and his immeasurable passion for the sport. When not chasing down the next prize Musky, Richard can be found traveling and spending [...]

Gary Sinkus


  A pioneer in the truest sense, Gary Sinkus was one of the first individuals to place kayak angling into the public conscience.  In 1993, Gary published an article on kayak fishing, titled “Different Strokes”, in Outdoor Life Magazine.  This was after many years of kayak fishing in the 80′s.  That article planted the seed [...]

Mark Veary

T-Bay Coho by Bryce Molenkamp

Mark Veary is an Oahu-born angler now living in Oregon.  A man of many titles, including engineer, author, surfer, inspiring father, and accomplished fisherman, Mark manages to exude a quiet, almost mystical stoke for the sport.  Though firmly self-rooted on the later side of the kayak/angler dichotomy, Mark has the willingness and ability necessary to paddle a small boat amongst some of the [...]