An Exploration of Hobie Fishing

Whether the venue is an online forum or post-tournament potluck, conversations amongst kayak anglers often feature a large portion of dialogue dedicated to the material side of our sport.  Boats, paddles, tackle, and rigging options are all subject to brand loyalty and debate, and discussions thereof can be guaranteed to involve mention of companies that value both innovation and dedication to the advancement of our sport. Though numerous businesses fit such a description, one manufacturerr of gear is held among the elite, with anglers worldwide hailing the merits of the kayaks and accessories bearing the name Hobie.

In this issue of The Milkcrate, we take a look inside the world of Hobie Fishing, and chat with four individuals representing the company from numerous perspectives. The current offering also has us changing our format a bit. Instead of simultaneously releasing numerous interviews, we will instead bring one new feature a day for the first part of the week.

We start with Brendan Bayard, a Hobie team ambassador, tournament organizer, shirt designer, and all around spokesman for our sport. Later in the week, we will sit down with his fellow team member and well respected author, Rory Gregg. Subsequent interviews will feature Hobie Fishing manager, Morgan Promnitz, and lead engineer Jim Czarnowski, who explains to us the origins of such innovations as the Mirage Drive and Tandem Island. It is through these conversations that we hope to offer a multi-dimensional look into the inner workings of a company held dear by many practitioners of our sport.

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