A Visual Representation

It is with this release that we mark our tenth issue of The Milkcrate.  In the course of the past twenty or so weeks, we have gotten to know over forty anglers, and have examined the kayak angling lifestyle on three continents.  Our original mission was to document the kayak angling lifestyle for what it is.  It will always be a premature gesture to offer a definition or qualification of said phenomenon, but certain themes have begun to emerge.  Perhaps the most prevelant and certain aspect of our sport, and this will come as no surprise, is the comaradarie amongst, and respect for, fellow kayak anglers. Each interview has truly fostered the near universal belief that practitioners of our sport value the community as a whole.

This week’s group of four continues upon this ubiquitous tone, but also provides their own interpretation of it. All extremely gifted visual artists, these men are known not only for their talents in their respective media, but also for the ways in which they advance the practice and culture of our sport. Be it through donations of art to tournament winner pools, offerings of guidance to fellow artists, or simply through the parlaying of their own passion into a visual feast for the grounded victim of weather and surge, the current interviewees have made lasting and beneficial impacts upon the world of kayak angling.

If one takes into account the relatively young age of the modern incarnation of the sport, it is quite easy to view these artists as being part of a first wave, of sorts – a venerable cornerstone onto which all future generations of kayak angling artists shall build. Yet this monumentous statement appears to be lost upon our current group, for the stoke they exude is for the sport and their own personal ways of sharing it with others. It is with true humbleness and altruism that Jon, Joseph, Alan, and Ben, through their art and generosity, give back to their fellow anglers.

And it is with utmost sincerity that we offer our thanks to the friends, both interviewee and reader, that we’ve made thus far.

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