A varied pond

Though our sport is often described as a gathering place of the altruistic and compassionate, it is also an amalgamation of incredibly diverse entities.  If one were to take a cross section of kayak angling’s participants, they would see beyond the usual descriptor, and find therein a wide range of ages, interests, talents, and demographics. This issue of The Milkcrate is a celebration of the varied pond that makes up the societal waters of our sport.

In these pages, we talk with an angler who, perhaps by way of geography or conviction, has truly taken the sport into his hand and wrung from his grip a unique and self-made take on our world. With a dedication and passion unrivaled by even the media darlings of kayak angling, John Cail has amassed a collection of adventures greater than those held in many of our wildest dreams. Joining this pioneering veteran is a man younger than some of our plastic boats.  Though short in years, Tyler Rich has already hung his name upon the sport, and, through his countless volunteer hours, emerged as a true leader and ambassador. We are also fortunate enough to have among our pages an interview with one of kayak angling’s most talented storytellers.  Combining a gift of prose with an artisan’s eye, Steve Gibson has documented the outdoors through many high profile media channels.

It is our hope that these conversations serve as a reminder to what makes our sport a truly special and engaging pursuit. Memories are often made not by the species caught or miles traveled, but by the company we keep.

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