A Celebration of Giving

This issue of The Milkcrate is one the celebrates the giving nature of the holiday season. In these pages, we gather conversations with three individuals known for the selfless and passionate ways in which they enrich the sport’s culture and knowledge base. Be it through the building of popular online communities, the time-intensive processes of multimedia production, or the timeless art of oration-based teachings, these three interviewees have all made it a point to better our growing community.

Though we often touch upon this theme – it is, of course, one that permeates and defines all that is kayak angling – it is our hope that our chats with Kevin Whitley, Rob Milam, and Mark Watanabe will serve as reminders that we all have the power, both during the holidays and through the year, to grow and foster positivity within our sport. The past year has been witness to much in the way of giving; new HOW chapters have been formed, and many individuals has taken it upon themselves to enrich their local scenes through pathways including tournament organization and media start ups. It will truly be an exciting thing to watch 2013 develop into a year of tremendous kayak angling growth.

With that in mind, we of The Milkcrate wish to our readers a safe and joyous holiday season. We thank you for becoming a part of our lives, and look forward to another year.  Here’s to Santa filling your stockings with all of your kayak angling desires…

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